Learn via using with from ChatGPT

Creating account

To create an account for ChatGPT, please note that it is currently inaccessible in mainland China. Therefore, you will need two tools to register accounts from OpenAI:

  1. Activation SMS: Use sms-activate.org to receive the activation SMS.
  2. Virtual credit card: Obtain a virtual credit card from vvacard.com. It is recommended to use a stable web proxy that matches the geographic information of your proxy with the card’s address.

API proxy

While the web UI of OpenAI is free to use, GPT-4 comes with a $20/month charge. Additionally, using a proxy may result in your account being blocked. To avoid this issue, you can utilize an API proxy. OpenAI recently announced that GPT-4 models are available for paid API accounts, allowing you to pay on demand. We recommend the GitHub project Yidadaa/ChatGPT-Next-Web for a ChatGPT web UI. It supports one-click deployment on Vercel and authentication by setting access codes.

In addition to the web UI service, certain localized projects such as binary-husky/gpt_academic on GitHub require access to the OpenAI API address https://api.openai.com/v1/chat/completions. While the binary-husky/gpt_academic project provides a PROXY option, it is more reliable to deploy a reverse proxy for the OpenAI API address. We recommend the projects gaboolic/cloudflare-reverse-proxy and gaboolic/vercel-reverse-proxy, both of which provide one-click deployment on Vercel/Cloudflare. For personal use, the free plans of Vercel/Cloudflare should suffice. Alternatively, using Nginx on a VPS is also a viable solution.

The final step involves setting up a domain since Vercel’s domains are banned in China.

Although this post is unrelated to the title, I have realized that after using GPT-4 and tools like binary-husky/gpt_academic, I feel that I am no longer necessary. This tool can teach, deduce, perform mathematical calculations, write and debug code, and even write academic papers and respond to reviewers. It is far more capable than me.

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